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Hawaiian Waterbeads provides you the highest quality polymer WaterBeads

green-waterbead-display In order to maintain the highest standards, Hawaiian Waterbeads only sells top quality WaterBeads which have been manufactured to our strict and specific standards. All our products have been tested by our research and development department before becoming part of our line.
Our WaterBeads are 100% non-toxic & colorfast making them perfect for multi-color displays. Our waterbead colors do not mix, bleed or stain!
We guarantee that our WaterBeads will properly hydrate quickly (12hrs) and disperse water slowly and consistently for several weeks so your plants get the water they need to survive and flourish!
Our WaterBeads are also perfect for helping you to create innovative cut flower and shell arrangements, by allowing you the freedom to position flowers and décor items as you wish. Our WaterBeads are sure to add color and class to your home, office or event.
We currently offer 34 color choices to help you create the perfect combinations for your home décor or event.  With our many choices and ideas, it will help make your decorations memorable and unique.  Some of our newer colors include Glow in the Dark, Metallic, and Color Swirl Beads.
You get what you pay for – Beware of lower quality gel beads.
Some of our competitors sell a lower quality waterbead that will stain containers, clothing and your skin, additionally if you mix multiple colors together, the colors run together making them very unattractive. Lower quality beads will expand and shortly thereafter breakdown and dissolve into mush.